Transform your business and accelerate your success.


You want to transform your business and accelerate your success?


We support you during the entire transformation process, from your initial ideas to their realization in the market and throughout your company.


Using our proven business prototyping methodology we prototype new business ideas and strategies and manage the complexity of business transformation.

Explore. Understand your current situation and explore future scenarios. Develop a picture of where you would like to be.

Design. Design and validate new business models and services that leverage innovative technologies.

Realize. Deliver transformation projects that realize your vision – both in the market and throughout your organization.

We get you there. Since 1997.


  • Innovation Services

    Our innovation services help you to explore potential future scenarios, generate new ideas and assess their implications for your business:


    • Scenario Exploration
    • Business Design
    • Business Model Prototyping
  • Transformation Services

    Our transformation support services help you to to deliver the projects you need to transform your business and accelerate your success.


    • Transformation Planning
    • Transformation Management Office
    • Model Engineering Office
  • Business Prototyping Services

    Our Business Prototyping Laboratory helps you to test ideas and strategies in a risk free environment using custom models and simulations.


    • Custom Models and Simulations
    • Custom Business Wargames
    • Custom Workshops and Trainings

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