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Business Prototyping Manifesto
Introduces business prototyping as an intelligent and systematic approach to exploring, redesigning and transforming entire business ecosystems.
Transforming Into an Analytical Enterprise
Transformation of analytical enterprise is essential for a firm's survival and success.
Mastering The Complexity of Energy Markets
Introduces various issues within the energy market that are important for a transformation process.
Prototyping Business Models And Market Strategies
We help our clients to prototype business models and market strategies using computational models, sound estimates and data.
Make Your PSF Grow
Making professional service firms grow is hard – you not only need to compete for business, but also for the professionals that deliver your services. You have to allocate their time wisely between business development and project delivery. Test your skills in our interactive game.
Mastering The Complexity of Service Transformation
Modern, digitized services rely on a complex web of people, processes and IT, often spanning multiple organizations. Designing new business services in such a complex environment is hard … but it is just as hard to implement them and bring them to market in a timely manner.
Play The Beer Distribution Game
The Beer Distribution Game was originally developed at MIT in the 1950s to illustrate how difficult it is to manage dynamic systems – in this case the dynamic system is a supply chain that delivers beer from a brewery to the end consumer. Play with our implementation of the Beer Distribution Game and learn about strategies to optimize the supply chain.
Mastering The Complexity of Digital Transformation
Mastering the complexity of digital transformation is essential for companies in their business success.
COVID-19 Simulation
Whenever you need to make predictions about complex situations you have little prior experience with, models and simulations are a good starting point to explore the situation and to make qualitative and quantitative predictions about how the situation may develop. Play with our COVID-19 simulation and see how social distancing can slow the spreading of the virus.
Make Your Startup Grow
Design better business models and product-market strategies: build quantitative models and simulations that help you to explore the implications of new strategies and business designs in a creative, fun and yet systematic way. Use sound estimations and historical data to make simulations as realistic as possible and use them as a basis for understanding how the future may develop.
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