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Introduction to Dynamic Modeling With BPTK

Workshop - Wednesday, May 18, 2022 - 18 hours - English
Simulation models are useful to explore, redesign and transform complex business systems:
  • enterprises and their business ecosystem
  • business models and markets
  • organizations open-source and IT systems
The Business Prototyping Toolkit for Python (BPTK-Py) is a framework that lets you build and run computational simulation models using System Dynamics and/or agent-based modeling.
It gives you the power to quickly build simulation models in Python and create beautiful plots of the simulation results in Jupyter Notebooks – or just run the simulation in Python and use the results however you wish.
In this workshop, you will learn how to model complex business systems using System Dynamics and agent-based modeling at a conceptual level and then build and run such models using Python, the BPTK framework and the JupyterLab notebook environment.

Who is The Workshop For?

  • Executives wanting to use computational models and advanced analytics to make better decisions about the future of their enterprise
  • Management Scientists and Data Scientists interested in extending their skills to computational modeling using System Dynamics and Agent-based modeling
  • Experienced SD and ABM modelers wishing to learn more about BPTK

Our Workshop

In this three day workshop, we will cover the following topics:
  • Installing JupyterLab and BPTK
  • Introduction to System Dynamics and Agent-based Modeling
  • Sketching conceptual models of interesting business situations
  • Building simulation models using BPTK
  • Building interactive dashboards using Jupyter Lab and ipywidgets
  • Optional: Combining computer simulations and machine learning
To make this really fun and interactive, we will start the workshop with a multiplayer session of the Beer Distribution Game. 
The Beer Distribution Game was originally developed at MIT in the 1950s to illustrate how difficult it is to manage dynamic systems – in this case, the dynamic system is a supply chain that delivers beer from a brewery to the end consumer.
What makes the game so intriguing is that the structure of the supply chain and the rules of the game are simple, yet the resulting behavior is quite complex.
We will then use the game as a starting point for learning about System Dynamics and Agent-based Modeling.
We do not assume any prior knowledge of BPTK, but browser-based knowledge of Python and JupyterLab would be useful.


This workshop will be held online in English in Microsoft Teams. The number of participants is limited to 10.
All participants will receive all workshop documents in PDF format and all relevant Jupyter notebooks and code.
During the workshop, participants will also receive free, time-limited licenses to Miro, our collaboration tool which we will use for brainstorming and conceptual modeling.
We will also provide access to a free, Jupyter notebook environment, but participants are free to use their own environment if they would like.
The workshop runs over 3 days and starts on Wednesday, May 18 from 9 am CET to Friday, May 20 at 4 pm CET.
The price of the workshop is EUR 1800. We offer discounted tickets for members of the System Dynamics Society and have limited free spaces for students. Please get in touch via to prove your status and get discount codes.
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