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Training ChatGPT to Play The Beer Game

Machine Learning and AI are relevant for every enterprise, small or large. But until the advent of ChatGPT, this was mostly the privilege of companies that had large datasets of their own along with the budgets needed to build their own AI.
But now it is feasible for every enterprise to utilize the power of intelligent, chat-based interfaces to offer new services and improve existing ones. This will be transformative for all kinds of industries.
In this meetup, we will first take a high-level look at the analytics techniques underlying ChatGPT, in particular Deep Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning.
We will then illustrate the practicalities of using ChatGPT by demonstrating our experience in training ChatGPT to play our Beer Distribution Game.
This is going to be a German-speaking meetup. If you want to take part in the event in English, please, join our meetup in Januar.