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Donatien Pousseu

Get to know Donatien, Consultant at transentis consulting. Learn about Donatien's experience, what he likes about his role, and what he wants to achieve at transentis.
Tell us a bit about yourself...
I come from Cameroon, where I grew up and went to school. I did my bachelor's degree in industrial engineering with a focus on banking and finance, and then I worked in this field as an investment analyst at a bank. One of my tasks was to check whether the clients' demand matched their needs.
After that, I came to Germany and started studying business mathematics at the University of Marburg. A little later, I changed Universities and completed my Master's degree in business administration at the University of Paderborn, specializing in finance and statistics.
During my studies, I also worked in the area of logistics with SAP, module and material management at the company Becker Chemie GmbH. There I checked the stock and what products the company already needed and should order for the coming weeks, how and when the order arrived.
Recently, I worked at TotalEnergies Wärme&Kraftstoff Deutschland GmbH as a merge and margin analyst. There I worked on a project where I and my colleagues worked on the digitalization of processes in the energy sector.
What is your role at transentis?
I am a consultant/business analyst.
How long have you been an employee at transentis?
I have been working at transentis since May 2022.
What do you like about your role?
I really like that I have a way to use my creativity. I can use my potential. I also have the freedom to contribute my thoughts and make suggestions. It makes me proud to see that the other colleagues like my ideas and that we can take them forward together. But that also means responsibility, and I think that's great.
Almost every day I examine the companies' systems and I always have an opportunity to gain new knowledge.
What do you like about your team?
My team has flat hierarchies and my colleagues are always willing to help me. If I do not get along with something, I always know that my colleagues will support me and that they always have time to explain things to me and share their ideas with the whole team.
How does your working day start?
Very different, because I work on different projects. Sometimes my day starts with the people, and then I get the feedback and the information about the tasks I am supposed to do. Sometimes my day starts with an overview of the tasks I have to do, and then I work on them since the first minute of the working day.
When I work in the office, I also like to drink tea.
What kind of tasks do you usually have?
I build the enterprise architecture: with the help of some tools, I create a simplified representation of the enterprise through images and schemas. In these tools I create different components of the company, for example the strategy or the business application. When all the components are built, I can see how all the processes run in the company.
What is the most exciting thing about working in your field?
I can always use my creativity and come up with new ideas. I also find it exciting that I have a variety of tasks depending on the project.
What kind of projects excite you?
I am excited about projects where I work with a lot of people.
What skills do you bring and what would you want to achieve?
I bring the analytical skills, great motivation and technical affinity. I am always excited to get new knowledge and learn something new.
I would like to develop further at transentis, and work on the big projects in the future.
Is there anything you cannot work without?
I do not have any addictions, and I can work without sweets, tea or coffee, for example. What I need from time to time is silence, especially when I need to be creative or when I need concentration. However, if I know what to do and how to do my task, I can work in noise.
What is special about transentis?
The company has flat hierarchies, and you do not often find that in the working world. The team is not big, and it brings an advantage: you always have quick and easy access to other colleagues to ask questions or get feedback.
At transentis, all employees have flexible working hours, and not many companies really offer it.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to join transentis?
Be creative, take the initiative, and do not be afraid to work with people.