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Are You Ready For Digital Transformation?

Take Our Transformation Assessment! Our quick test shows how your business is doing and what you need to work on.
Internal and external drivers force companies to make frequent and far-reaching changes to their business model, their organization, and the IT that supports it.
One such driver of change is digitization - this not only affects IT but also requires new organizational forms and often also gives rise to new - digital - business models.
It is already clear that companies with more analog and non-networked structures are falling behind: digital competence is an important differentiating factor in competition.
Another driver for change is the proper use of data: data not only enables new business models but it is also necessary to effectively manage agile, decentralized organizational processes. Data-aware companies can make more informed decisions more quickly and align their activities more efficiently and effectively.
Not only the diversity of drivers but also their intensity has increased continuously in recent years - because the pace of technological innovation is very high and competitive pressure is increasing due to the strong, international economy.
In particular, new regulations on sustainability resulting from climate change and the energy transition will further increase the pressure to change.
Most companies will therefore find themselves in an almost continuous transformation process in the future and will have to realign themselves again and again - not only strategically, but also organizationally and technologically.
Mastering the complexity of such transformations is therefore crucial to business success.
At transentis, we are specialists in designing adaptive, digitized companies - with our help, our customers develop new, digital business models and specifically align their organization and IT accordingly. We not only develop innovative concepts but also implement them.
Our latest consulting product is the Transformation Assessment: with our quick test in a short period of time, we systematically assess the maturity of your company in terms of digitalization and transformation capability and identify areas for action.
Our assessment answers the following questions:
  • How do our business model, our organization, and our IT landscape stand in terms of digitization?
  • How flexible and agile are our processes and structures?
  • Do we have the necessary transformation expertise to drive digitization forward quickly?
  • Are we using data effectively at all levels in our company?
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