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Make smarter decisions and optimize outcomes by unifying all your strategy, capabilities, operating models and change portfolios in a single platform.

About BiZZdesign and transentis

BiZZdesign is a SaaS company that provides an advanced platform for planning, tracking, and executing business change, and helps complex businesses thrive.

The BiZZdesign HoriZZon platform depicts your enterprise in a central ‘insight graph’ with current to future state modeling, road mapping and real-time analytics, supporting all key frameworks, it gives you the insights to make the right investments decisions ("do the right things") and helps you connect them with all moving parts for successful execution ("do things right").

transentis has been delivering enterprise architecture and transformation management services since 1997 and has been a BiZZdesign Partner since 2018.

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Who is it For?

With BiZZdesign, both public and private organizations can improve their digital transformation processes, get a new operating model and improvement initiatives, succeed in the M&A integration, manage risks and keep the mission-critical infrastructure secure.

How do we do it?

The company’s dynamic, data-driven EA platform is designed to make smarter decisions and optimize outcomes. With BiZZdesign, IT and business stakeholders can confidently make properly informed strategic decisions to drive growth. BizzDesign brings together real-time visibility of key metrics and trends that allow you to take action more quickly.

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What Are The Next Steps?

Get in touch with us for any further information and learn more about you digital transformation. We are happy to give you the first direction on your digitization journey!

Our Customers

Our Service Offering

Your Challenge

  • Keep sight of the big picture without getting lost in details
  • Align your organisation and IT-Landscape to new business models
  • Master the complexity of transforming your enterprise
  • Our Expertise

  • BiZZdesign HoriZZon platform
  • TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework)
  • Managing teams of internal and external experts with diverse backgrounds
  • Enterprise modeling using ArchiMate, BPMN, DMN and UML
  • Model-driven Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Architect Models
  • Our Services


  • Set up an internal enterprise architecture practice
  • Blueprint the architecture of an enterprise
  • Design an Enterprise Architecture Model
  • Engineering

  • Generate architectural overviews, specifications and progress reports from models
  • Extended Workbench

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Certified BiZZdesign experts
  • Workshop

  • Master Transformation Complexity
  • Our Approach is Agile, Scalable, Collaborative And we Support The Entire Transformation Process

    We involve all stakeholders, start small, iterate fast and deliver results quickly.

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    We support the entire transformation process, from early ideation to the launch of new products, services and IT systems throughout your enterprise and markets.

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    Check Out Our Work

    Interesting showcases and projects that illustrate our work.
    Feasibility Study for a New Location-based Service Thumbnail
    Feasibility Study For a New Location-based Service
    Rocket Show Case Thumbnail
    Implementation of a Large Scale Monitoring System

    Our Partners

    We have long standing partnerships with makers of tools for enterprise architecture, transformation management and enterprise analytics.

    Start Transforming With us

    We love discussing and thinking through transformation challenges and there are many opportunities to get to know us. We will be very happy to learn about YOUR challenge!

    Join Our Next Meetup "Systems Thinking And Agility"
    Join our next meetup event
    Tailor a transformation team to suit your needs: Project Managers, Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts, Management Scientists
    Hire a Digital Transformation Team
    Are you ready for digital transformation?
    Take Part in a Transformation Assessment

    Get In Touch

    Oliver Grasl

    Managing Director
    Please contact Oliver to discuss how we can help you to deploy BiZZdesign HoriZZon successfully.



    Upcoming Events

    Systems Thinking And Agility
    Systems ThinkingAgilityagile Organization
    Systems Thinking And Agility

    Thursday, September 22, 2022 - 2 hours English

    Exploring Agility and Agile Organizations using Systems Thinking
    Key Building Blocks of a Data-Driven, Analytical Enterprise
    Enterprise ArchitectureEnterprise AnalyticsEnterprise TransformationAnalytical Enterprise
    Key Building Blocks of a Data-Driven, Analytical Enterprise

    Thursday, November 24, 2022 - 2 hours English

    How to turn data into valuable information
    Leveraging Systems Thinking for Enterprise Transformation
    Systems ThinkingAgilityagile Organizationagile Transformation
    Leveraging Systems Thinking for Enterprise Transformation

    Thursday, January 26, 2023 - 2 hours English

    How to use Systems Thinking to transform Enterprises successfully

    Featured Blog Posts

    Read our blog posts and stay up to date with new technologies and best practices.
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    How to Deal With Requirements in Flawed Projects

    Igor Tunjic - Sunday, August 2, 2020 -

    Some examples of what can go wrong with requirements management in large, distributed projects and how to fix this
    Ten Key Principles of Business Transformation
    Big PictureComplexityBusiness Transformationenterprise architecture
    Ten Key Principles of Business Transformation

    Oliver Grasl - Tuesday, September 6, 2016 -

    A conceptual model that puts the principles into perspective
    How to Master The Complexity of Service Transformation
    Enterprise ArchitectEnterprise Studio
    How to Master The Complexity of Service Transformation

    Matthias Voss - Sunday, March 22, 2020 -

    An interview with our CEO and some key ideas on how to approach transformation complexity

    Further Resources

    Exciting case studies, interesting tutorials and useful toolkits.
    Transforming Enterprises Meetup
    Transforming Enterprises Meetup

    A meetup about exploring, re-designing and transforming enterprises: prototyping business models and market strategies, architecture and analytics for the adaptive enterprise, mastering transformation complexity.
    Prototyping Business Models And Market Strategies
    Prototyping Business Models And Market Strategies

    We help our clients to prototype business models and market strategies using computational models, sound estimates and data.