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About us

We transform enterprises. Intelligently and systematically. Since 1997.

Our Mission

We help our clients to explore, re-design and transform entire business ecosystems using our expertise in transformation management, enterprise architecture and enterprise analytics.
Our ideal is to build intelligent, adaptive enterprises – enterprises that have the power to shape their own future, that observe themselves and their environment in real-time and can adapt to new situations quickly and decisively.
We strive to improve our expertise continuously and to develop inspiring and supportive services, products and content.
We transform enterprises. Intelligently and systematically. Since 1997.

Who We Are

We’re a team of enterprise architects, business engineers, management scientists and data scientists with a passion for mastering complex business transformations.
We're movers and shakers, thinkers and hackers, with a deep understanding of modern technology and its ability to disrupt entire business ecosystems.
We love working with people and frequently facilitate sprints and workshops that help you to see the big picture and transform your thinking. We take a "complex systems" view of the world and apply an agile, systemic "business prototyping" approach – we iteratively explore, design and transform your business and prototype everything: strategies, business models, IT architectures and data-driven algorithms.

Why Our Clients Call Us

Make Better Decisions in Complex Situations
Our clients call us because:
  • They want to transform (part of) their enterprise or even their business ecosystem, but they don’t know what exactly or how to go about it.
  • They need to make high-impact decisions under uncertainty and time pressure.
  • They don’t have a complete view of the situation they are dealing with.
  • Their situation is inherently complex – highly competitive markets, many players from different organizations and backgrounds, conflicting processes and structures, masses of data, advanced information technology, all connected to each other.

Why We Are Useful

See the Big Picture Without Losing Sight of the Details
Our work delivers the following benefits:
  • A complete picture of complex situations, from multiple perspectives.
  • Buy-in from internal and external key players.
  • A shared understanding of where you are now, of where you would like to be and of how to get from here to there.
  • Quantification of risks and opportunities.
  • Focus and prioritization.
  • Decisions based on transparent facts and assumptions, with a clear understanding of their impact.
  • Measurable progress in short, fast iterations.
  • Early anticipation of, and preparation for, potential future scenarios.
  • Regular and clear communication to all stakeholders, tailored to their needs.
  • Renewed energy and peace of mind.

How We Work

Use Visual Models, Computer Simulations and Advanced Analytics to Deal with Transformation Complexity
We always tailor our approach to the given situation, while following these simple, yet powerful guidelines:
  • View enterprises and their ecosystems as complex systems of interacting elements.
  • Take a holistic, systemic approach to explore, re-design and transform those complex systems.
  • Identify and engage all key players to gather facts, assumptions and data.
  • Build prototypes – use informal sketches and diagrams, visual models, interactive simulations and advanced analytics to provide new insights and spark discussions.
  • Share these insights frequently with all stakeholders and tailor them to their needs to get feedback and generate shared understanding.
  • Use this shared understanding to make better decisions about how to re-design and transform those complex systems.
  • Make sure those decisions are implemented in practice.
  • Learn and adapt continuously.

Results We Deliver

Depending on the situation, the duration of our engagements varies – from just a few days of troubleshooting to long-term transformation programs.
Over the years, we have applied our approach successfully to many diverse challenges.
Whatever our engagement is, we always leave something tangible and interactive that helps our clients to understand their situation better and explore potential scenarios – a “big picture” of their IT system, a simulation of their business model or a business game.

Meet our team

Our team of project managers, business engineers and data scientists will help you to make better decisions in complex situations.


  • Dr. Oliver Grasl
    Managing Director
  • Ognjen Manojlovic
    Head of Enterprise Architecture
  • Chrissoula Sourli
    Finances & Office Management
  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Max Erdrich
    Senior Consultant
  • Göryen Giebel
  • Igor Tunjic
    Senior Consultant
  • Tolga Üge
  • Enterprise Analytics

  • Robert Pagel
    Senior Consultant
  • Stefanie Schröck
  • Dominik Schröck
  • Marketing

  • Nicholas Grasl
    Content Manager
  • Olga Medvedeva
    Marketing Manager
  • Labs

  • Ahmed Eldably
    Data Engineer
  • David Granzin
    Lead Web Developer
  • Andreas Zander
    Web Developer
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    We have long standing partnerships with makers of tools for enterprise architecture, transformation management and enterprise analytics.
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    Sparx Systems

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