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We Help Your Enterprise Transform Faster and More Effectively

Our tailored data-driven strategies are designed to let you thrive by creating value for both your customers and shareholders. They will make you more agile, customer-oriented, and future-proof to succeed in a world of ever-increasing complexity.
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Clients and Cases

Our Consultancy Experience

We're proud to have worked with some of the most innovative and successful organizations in various industries including mobility, logistics, professional services, energy, and transportation.

AudiDaimlerLufthansaDeutsche BahnT-SystemsAllianzToll CollectContiparkBerlin SenatDibtBayerPhilip Morris International

Results We’ve Achieved

We believe in sharing knowledge with the world which is why we regularly share our findings in case studies whenever possible.


Professional Trainings

Let us facilitate your next corporate workshop. We’re ready to assist to ensure you achieve the intended outcomes from your team.

Unlock the Power of Complex Problem Solving
Unlock the Power of Complex Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are not only in high demand, they are crucial for the future of work.

Prototyping Business Models and Market Strategies
Prototyping Business Models and Market Strategies

Validate ideas quickly and inexpensively to reduce the risk of failure.

Facilitating the Soda Distribution Game
Facilitating the Soda Distribution Game

Experience the bullwhip effect in a supply chain and learn the importance of communication.

Many More!
Many More!

Got other ideas? We are ready to design workshops based on your business needs.

Our Services

We provide transformation services for Business Transformers, Digital Transformers, Data Evangelists and Complexity Explorers.
Complexity Explorer Services
Complexity Explorer Services
Digital Transformer Services
Digital Transformer Services
Data Evangelist Services
Data Evangelist Services
Business Transformation Services
Business Transformation Services
Work Principles

Principles That Guide Us

Discover the core principles that guide our consulting practice and help us deliver innovative solutions that meet our clients' needs.

Customer Focused

Our top priority is to understand our customers needs and create value for them in a sustainable way.

Big Picture Centric

We see wholes and not just the parts and understand how what we doing contributes to our customers overall success.

Data Driven

We observe and measure both soft and hard-facts and use the data to inform our thinking.

Automation Crazy

Think in algorithms and use code to steamline workflows and automative repetitive, error prone tasks.


We adapt continuously, leverage existing skills to the max and build new ones as necessary.

Prototype Driven

Find creative ways of making new ideas, business models and services, processes and IT-systems tangible as early as possible.


Meet the Experts Driving Our Clients' Transformation

Work with a diverse team for comprehensive business solutions. In addition to delivering, we aim to empower your entire organisation.

Max Erdrich
Ognjen Manojlovic
Göryen Giebel
Igor Tunjic
Emma Yang
Hieu Dang
Tolga Üge
Xindi Li
Thomas Eberhardt
Oliver Grasl
Olga Medvedeva
Erik Straub
Burcu Bayram
Matthias Jütte
Sebastian Bitter

Upcoming Community Events

Get the chance to meet our consultants and get exposed to the latest industry trends.

Unlock The Power Of Complex Problem Solving

June 27, 2024

2:00 PM-4:00 PM


Grand Hyatt Hotel Berlin

Enterprise Digital Twin: Innovation & Sales Pipeline

July 4, 2024

2:00 PM-4:00 PM



Unlock the Power Of Complex Problem Solving (Practice Session)

September 19, 2024

1:00 PM-4:00 PM



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