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Göryen Giebel

Senior Consultant
Get to know Göryen, Senior Consultant at transentis consulting. Find out how Göryen's career started, what Göryen likes about her role, and what she finds special about transentis.
Tell us a bit about yourself...
I studied Industrial Engineering with a focus on Information and Communication Systems at the Technical University of Berlin. At the same time, I studied Visual Communication at the Berlin University of Arts. Besides my studies, I gained interesting international experiences: I studied Business Administration in Japan.
During my studies, I worked as a working student at transentis. A few years later, I left transentis for a start-up where I was employed in product management. In 2015, I came back to transentis, and since then I have been working as a full-time consultant.
What is your role at transentis?
I have been a senior consultant since last year, and I have specialized in the areas of requirements management and product management as a business analyst.
How long have you been an employee at transentis?
If we also count the student employment: 8 years.
What do you like about your role?
My role is diverse: I work with many people and on different projects. I communicate every day with clients and team members about various projects. So it is always exciting for me to get to know new companies and projects.
I also find my professional field very fascinating. Product management is what I always found exciting, both in my studies and at work. I can always contribute my knowledge and experience to my role.
What do you like about your team?
My team is relatively young. Despite different backgrounds, we have similar professional paths and interests. Everyone is very nice, and we can rely on each other.
We are all international, and we can learn a lot about different cultures from each other.
How does your working day start?
I get my child ready for daycare and then I go to work. I have many meetings in the morning, and I use the time in the morning to prepare myself for upcoming appointments.
What keeps you productive and motivated during the day?
I work with many different people and I would say that one aspect that motivates me is my colleagues and clients who rely on my work.
In projects, we have many topics that I find very exciting. Working on these topics is always fun, and it motivates me.
Of course, I also always have the incentive that I want to develop further.
What is the most exciting thing in your field?
I find it exciting that you always come into contact with many new people and projects. You don't always do the same thing, but can always find something exciting for yourself in the variety of tasks. It depends on what role you have in the current project and also in which project environment you find yourself.
We work with many clients and companies, and it is always exciting to see how different the companies are and how differently the projects run. It can also be that in one company the two projects look and run completely differently, which I find very interesting. But there are no projects that are the same. Every project is unique.
What have you learned so far about yourself in transentis?
I am a person who needs a lot of variety and I am very grateful that I get that at transentis. I really enjoy working in teams. I think it's great that I can take part in different projects at transentis.
What are you proud of during your work at transentis?
I am proud of the experiences I have gained - both with the people I have met and through professional situations (negative and positive) I have been exposed to... Of course, I am also proud that I was able to develop myself within the framework of the different projects.
What is unique about transentis?
There are many things that make transentis special. We have friendly and open togetherness, fun and international colleagues, flexible working hours, a lot of self-determination and personal responsibility, and very technical and modern equipment. transentis also offers a very good work-life balance, which is not offered at many management consultancies.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to join transentis?
Be open to everything, approach others and jump into the deep end. It's always worth it, no matter what the outcome.