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Hieu Dang

Meet Hieu, a consultant at transentis consulting. Discover how Hieu's career has started, what kind of tasks he has, and what Hieu finds unique at transentis.
Tell us a bit about yourself...
I studied Economics at the Technical University of Dresden, majoring in Marketing, Management, and Business Informatics. In 2016, I moved to Berlin, and then I started my Master's Degree in Information Systems Management at the Technical University of Berlin.
While studying, I was working at H&M, Landesbank Berlin AG, and Siemens. The jobs were very different and I was responsible for a variety of tasks such as analyzing security papers and risk figures, writing reports, completing some tasks in project management, and many others.
What is your role at transentis?
I am a consultant/business analyst.
How long have you been an employee at transentis?
I have been at transentis since September 2021.
How does your morning start?
I start my morning with a coffee, and then I begin to work at my computer.
What kind of tasks do you usually have?
I currently work with some other colleagues on a project for Toll Collect. I am part of the product team there and I am responsible for process modeling. My tasks include the modeling of processes and professional elaboration.
What keeps you productive and motivated throughout the day?
Coffee is a must! I drink a lot of coffee and like it, which gets me through the day well.
For me, it is important to know that the work that is being done is valued and directed toward a higher goal. Likewise, gaining new insights from which one can learn is also a great motivating factor. Collaboration with colleagues on a professional and interpersonal level also makes work fun and strengthens productivity.
What skills do you bring and what would you want to achieve?
I bring some analytical thinking skills, which help me think quickly in complex situations. I am good at communication both in formal and informal conversations. I learn quickly. For example, if I have to get to know a new tool, I will watch some videos and read information online about it and get into the process of using and testing the tool very rapidly.
I would like to improve my professional skills, learn new professional fields and make new acquaintances.
What have you learned at transentis?
I have learned how to work with different tools, including Ardoq, BiZZdesign, Miro, Jira and Figma. I also gained the skills that are important for a consultant/business analyst, such as feature creation, process modeling, and collaboration in an agile project.
What have you learned so far about yourself at transentis?
Exciting projects always challenge me to achieve the desired results and learn from the experiences/challenges which I can apply to the next projects. 
What kind of projects excite you?
I am excited about projects that involve many different professionals so that I can learn something from the project and the people. For me, it is important to be able to bring something valuable to the project in order to get closer to the desired goal.
What is the most exciting thing about working in Transformation Management and Enterprise Architecture?
Digitalization is a phenomenon that has become indispensable. In today's world, it is increasingly important to make processes in companies more efficient. Thus, it is inevitable to digitalize or transform the processes in the company. The work in the area of transformation management and enterprise architecture is challenging and yet very exciting. Since I work on a project with many colleagues from different teams and areas, it is always interesting to see how important communication is among each other in order to fulfill the goal of the project.
What is unique about transentis?
transentis is characterized by a great work-life balance. You are not forced to work on the weekends or overtime. At transentis, it's not just about work, but also about the interpersonal relationships within the company. The well-being of each employee and mutual support are written in capital letters in the company. transentis is a modern company and is always committed to ensuring that all employees have access to the latest technologies and are given the opportunity to further their education.
transentis is a modern company: Employees use the latest technologies. If you want to test or use a new tool, you get access to it. If you have found an interesting professional course and want to complete it, transentis will support you.