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Business Prototyping Manifesto

Nowadays, no buildings are erected without creating detailed plans and scale models first; the same is true for cars, computers, and other high-tech products.
Yet, every day thousands of decisions are made in companies at all levels that may potentially cost millions of dollars, may be dangerous to the continued existence of the companies affected and could cost thousands of jobs … and these decisions are often made just on the basis of personal opinion or a few slides trying to motivate why the idea is “sound”.
Business Prototyping Approach EN
When it comes to making decisions that will have a transformative effect on your business, we at transentis prefer to take a more considered approach, more akin to the sophisticated engineering mentioned above – instead of performing potentially expensive, dangerous and even unethical “experiments” with business reality, we:
  1. explore the current situation and build a business prototype that captures its essence
  2. design new business structures, processes and policies and test them using the prototype
  3. transform the business, using the prototype as guidance
We refer to this approach as business prototyping.  
The business prototyping approach lets you see the big picture without losing sight of the details, enables you to identify and estimate risks and opportunities at an early stage and increases transparency throughout the transformation process.
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