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Creating Value in Urban Tolling

Our customer is one of the leading image processing companies and is present in various industries. Building on the company's competencies and market position, our customer wants to increase its value-added share in the toll segment, with vertical integration of the required processes in the city toll segment. This objective is to be achieved together with partners in an operator-related role.

The Challenge

The challenge was to identify possible city toll business models - as a complement to the current, more component and service supply-based orientation. The business area should be developed within the cooperation with partners who bring in complementary competencies and interests. 
Within the feasibility study, different technology approaches were discussed, as well as  possible cooperation models and structures, which also included the consideration of interfaces to other transport topics.

The Solution 

In a series of workshops, the process chain was analyzed with the customer team and sensible positioning was developed. Complementary competencies and structuring options were modeled and discussed in addition to the current alignment.
With the decision on the own target orientation and positioning, corresponding partners with complementary know-how were identified, approached, and won for a partnership.