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Feasibility Study For a New Location-based Service

Our customer operates a highly performant location-based service that generates billions of euros of revenue per year.
The service only applied in certain locations, which were identified using a sophisticated map matching process based on an especially tailored map that was maintained by a team of GIS experts.
Our customer wanted to extend the service to new locations within a timeframe of two years. Due to the geographical situation, adding the new locations implied a 20-fold increase in complexity both within the map and also in the map matching process.

The Challenge

The challenge the customer faced was that scaling the current organization, processes and algorithms by a factor of 20 was not feasible – we needed to conceive and validated a new approach that could be realized within two years and that was economically feasible.

The Solution

Our client asked us to lead a team of ca. 50 internal and external domain experts to thoroughly analyze the current situation and design a new solution that was feasibly from the organizational, technical and economic point of view.
Together the team worked out three viable scenarios and delivered a full feasibility study within nine months. This study convinced our clients' top management to go ahead and build the new service.
Meanwhile, the new service has been implemented successfully.