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Olga Medvedeva

Digital Product & Marketing Manager
Meet Olga, a digital product and marketing manager at transentis. Learn about Olga's experiences, what kind of tasks she likes, and what projects excite her...
Tell us about yourself...
I studied International Relations at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in North-Rhine Westphalia, majoring in B2B Marketing.
During my studies, I did an internship at a consulting company in Amsterdam, where I learned the first practical things in Marketing and had a chance to work in an international environment.
What is your role at transentis?
I am a digital product and marketing manager.
How long have you been an employee at transentis?
I have been at transentis since November 2020.
How does your morning start?
I usually start my day with a coffee. Then I check my tasks for the day in a working diary.
What kind of tasks do you usually have?
My tasks are very different since my role includes tasks from marketing and product management. I create content for social media, our website, and email campaigns. I also work closely with software engineers: we discuss upcoming tasks, I create tickets or tasks in Jira for them, then we discuss the tickets together, and then we also test the tasks together.
I work on internal projects in the company, which means that I am almost every day in touch with colleagues from different departments.
What keeps you productive and motivated throughout the day?
I like to start my working day early and set goals for the day. I get very energetic and motivated when I get done with my tasks and get feedback from my colleagues.
I like to work together with other people, and I am very productive when I know I have to deliver a joint result together with someone else.
What have you learned at transentis?
I have learned that it is better to ask many questions than to ask fewer. I also learned how to work with different tools such as Miro, Jira, Figma,, and many more.
What have you learned so far about yourself in transentis?
Everyone can make mistakes, and it is normal. The most important thing is to be honest and open with yourself and colleagues as well as to admit mistakes.
What kind of projects excite you?
I like projects with my colleagues. I like to work on my own in silence, but sometimes I want to talk to other colleagues and see their approaches and views on the same task we together work on.
What is unique about transentis?
transentis is very international. Everyone is friendly and is always happy to help.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to join transentis?
Be open and honest with other colleagues and in projects. You can learn from your colleagues a lot, both as a professional and as a person.