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Tolga Üge

Meet Tolga, a consultant at transentis. Learn about Tolga's experiences, what kind of tasks he likes, and what projects excite him...
Tell us a bit about yourself...
My name is Tolga and I am a consultant at transentis. After my bachelor's degree in industrial engineering with a focus on mechanical engineering, I completed my master's degree in industrial engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. My focus was on medical technology. During my studies, I worked for Deutsche Bahn as a data analyst and then for one of the world's leading medical technology companies in the area of quality management. In recent years, the topic of digitalization has become increasingly important in all areas of life. After graduating, I decided to work in this field and found out about transentis. That is how my story as a consultant started here.
What is your role at transentis?
I am a consultant and among other things, I work on projects as a business analyst.
How long have you been working for transentis?
For 4 years.
What do you like about your role?
I like the fact that I always get to take on varied tasks. This allows me to expand my expertise in different areas and gain a lot of experience. The work as a consultant is never monotonous, which is very important for me personally. In addition, as a consultant, you have the privilege of getting to know many different companies, which broadens your horizons immensely.
What do you like about your team?
I really like the interpersonal interaction in the team. It creates room for a pleasant working atmosphere. Everyone on our team is diverse and international. Everyone brings their own individual expertise to the table, which means that there is always an interesting exchange of ideas.
What is the most exciting thing about working in your field?
Of course, the start of a new project is always the most exciting. That means you get to know new colleagues and are faced with new tasks and challenges. I am currently involved in the development of a new CRM product. It's exciting to see how the product grows in complexity over time. And as a business analyst, I can make a significant contribution to the design and formulation of the solution.
How do you start your morning?
I start my morning with a coffee with milk and sugar and a small breakfast. After that, I take a look at my email inbox and check the appointment situation to prepare myself for the day in the best possible way.
What keeps you productive and motivated throughout the day?
I always experience the greatest motivation when I am faced with challenging tasks because they create a strong will in me to solve the task.
My motivation increases when I see that my work is having a positive impact on the project and that I am thus driving the project forward.
Is there anything you can't work without?
In addition to technical work tools such as a laptop and a good Internet connection, open communication and cooperation among colleagues is particularly important to me.
What are you particularly proud of during your time at transentis?
I am proud to be part of a team that has many years of experience in the area of digital transformation and that gives me the opportunity to make my own contribution to digitalization.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to join transentis?
Be open to varied tasks and new challenges.