Meet our partners

isee systems is dedicated to increasing understanding of our world through modeling and simulation software.

isee systems is the creator of Stella Architect, our preferred tool for creating system dynamics models and simulations.

transentis has been isee systems‘ consulting partner since 2006.

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BiZZdesign is a software company that provides an advanced platform for planning, tracking, and executing business change.

In particular BiZZdesign is the creator of Enterprise Studio and HoriZZon, our preferred toolset for managing the complexity of digital transformation.

transentis has been a BiZZdesign consulting partner since 2018. Read more about our BiZZdesign Services.

Ardoq is a SaaS company reinventing enterprise architecture for today’s digital enterprise.

Ardoq is the creator of the Ardoq service, our preferred tool for creating a dynamic, data-driven “enterprise intelligence graph” of an organization’s people, products and services, processes, and technologies.

transentis has been an Ardoq consulting partner since 2021. Read more about our Ardoq Services.

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