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Thomas Eberhardt

Thomas Eberhardt was a managing director (CFO/COO) at Toll Collect GmbH for over 10 years, where he was responsible for the finance and toll collection operations (incl. toll billing and customer billing) business units. After starting his career at Daimler, as a graduate in business administration, he accompanied Toll Collect for many years until it became state-owned and implemented organizational changes there, including the interface between technology and operations. Thomas has been working as a consultant in the transport and infrastructure sector since 2019. His focus is on the profitable digitalization of business models and the support of resulting organizational change.


  • Digitalization of business models
  • Support of resulting organizational changes
  • Management of financial and commercial, legal, operational and organizational challenges 
  • Alignment of companies and identification of new growth areas, analysis of the value chain and business plan 

Market Experience

  • Transport sector
  • New Mobility 
  • Infrastructure sector