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Enterprise Digital Twin: Innovation & Sales Pipeline

The idea of an Enterprise Digital Twin is simple: provide a real-time overview of all important things going on in your enterprise, as a basis for making better decisions about how to manage it now and develop it in the future.
Once we have such a digital representation of our enterprise, we can augment our human decision-making using AI.
We at transentis have set ourselves the goal to build such a digital twin of our own enterprise.
This meetup is the fourth meetup in a meetup series that documents this journey.
Last time we focused on the enterprise digital twin dashboard.
Today's session will focus on modeling the innovation and sales pipeline.
You can access the live dashboard and materials & recordings of past meetups on our meetup homepage.
NOTE: This meetup session will focus more on the business side of things and less on the code itself.
You can find a detailed description of the Enterprise Digital Twin in our model library, the corresponding code can be found in our GitHub repo.