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Prototyping Business Models And Market Strategies

Internal and external drivers force companies to repeatedly make profound changes to their business model and market strategy. Companies that can implement such changes quickly have a competitive advantage.

The Idea of The Business Prototyping Labs

The goal of our Business Prototyping Lab is to take a holistic look at your business model or market strategy and examine various "What If" scenarios.
Not only qualitatively, but also quantitatively.
Collaboratively with your experts, in the context of an intensive workshop lasting several days.
This succeeds because we bring YOUR business experts together with OUR business simulation experts and jointly develop a "prototype" of your business model and/or market strategy.

The Approach

In the run-up to the Business Prototyping Lab, we narrow down the topic so that we can prepare well:
  • What topics do we want to highlight together - your market strategy, your business model, certain aspects of it?
  • Which aspects of your current situation are most critical?
  • Which figures, data and facts are already available?
Based on this information and our pool of business simulations, we create a first, very rough simulation - as a starting point for the lab session.
In the business prototyping lab itself, all participants can contribute their knowledge from the beginning and develop creatively - we use interactive brainstorming software for this purpose. First, we concretize the problem together and develop a common understanding of the situation:
  • Customers and markets
  • Products and services
  • Resources and capabilities
  • Organizational structures and processes
  • Business partners and suppliers
  • Technological drivers
  • Financing
We then sketch out the essential aspects of your situation using simple diagrams.
In parallel, our experts begin to develop a suitable simulation.
Due to the preparation, this goes surprisingly fast.
The goal in this step is to develop an understanding of the dynamics of your business model and to quantify it.
As soon as the first version of the simulation is ready, we evaluate the results together and iteratively develop the simulation further. In this way, all participants gain a deep understanding of the business model and the framework conditions that are necessary for a successful implementation.

The Result

The immediate result of the Business Prototyping Lab is a summary of the Business Prototyping Session and a first evaluation of the developed business simulation.
In the post-processing of the Business Prototyping Lab, we fine-tune any remaining rough edges of the simulation and provide you with an executable version of the simulation. In our experience, this is an excellent tool for internal communication and discussion and can serve as a basis for further interactive experiments.

Added Value For You

The Business Prototyping Lab offers you the following added value:
  • Exciting, entertaining and intensive work on business-critical topics: Cross-divisional.
  • A common understanding of your situation, among all participants, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Systematic analysis of "what if" scenarios.
  • Excellent basis to initiate change processes.
  • Clear results that can be used for further internal discussion.
  • Participants learn new tools and methods: collaborative business prototyping with modern brainstorming software, visual modeling, business simulation with System Dynamics models and agent-based models.
Of course, we will tailor the Business Prototyping Lab to your needs - just contact us via the chatbox or send an e-mail to