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Prototyping Business Models And Market Strategies

This meetup is about prototyping business models and market strategies.
In this event we explored how to prototype business models and market strategies, covering the following topics:
  • An introduction to business prototyping
  • A detailed example to illustrate key principles
  • A live demo of how to model epidemics using the SIR model
Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the event took place as an online event on 26.3.2020.
  • Download the slidedeck .
  • Visit GitHub repository SIM-COVID-19 containing the Jupyter notebooks for the COVID-19 simulation.
  • Visit the GitHub repository BPTK-Py Tutorial containing the code for the referral marketing example (and other useful examples).
If you missed the event, you can watch a live recording here:
This event is part of our Transforming Enterprises Meetup.
You can find recordings and materials from past meetups on our meetup homepage.